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eCommerce Data Management Complete eCommerce Catalog & Product Management​

Catalog Processing

Maintaining an online store is an on-going process, and requires round-the-clock support to ensure that your catalogs are appealing, relevant and up-to-date.

Product Data Management

Effective management of product data poses numerous challenges as it is extremely varied, resulting in inconsistencies and duplications .

Product Data Entry

Product data entry is an extremely arduous task, and can often make you diverge from your core business functions.

Back Office Support

We understand that it is not easy for you to manage your eCommerce business on a daily basis all by yourself.

We deliver end-to-end product information management services that propel your eCommerce business ahead of the competition.

For an online store, keeping the website up to date regularly and maintaining an effective product data management system is important.

This will boost your e-commerce company and ensure that it secures its position in the fastest growing market. Every product listed on your e-store needs to be easily classified to allow customers to easily notice and browse through them. In addition, the product or service has to display the correct information about it, i.e. specifications, descriptions, reviews, pictures.

Accurate information is the ability to attract customer attention, and this is the most important aspect of any online retail shop. In IDE, our experience in e-commerce platform, its development and service solutions that can help you:

  • Manage your online enterprise better
  • Enhance your business prospects with completely new heights
  • Keep market trends and competitors in the middle of
  • Maintain a tab on current market scenario and ensure systematic price comparison to increase sales



Our portfolio of professional e-commerce data management services includes:

Services for uploading / listing of products

Our e-commerce data management services include collecting detailed information from many sources, i.e., digital and physical catalogs, websites, brochures, uploading products or listing services. We also have the skills and resources to add and add related product information such as product pictures, features, specifications, prices.

Catalog Management Services

IDE provides catalog management and data entry services to manage various products for its customers in order to ensure that their e-commerce websites are competitive and full of information.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is basically information about art and / or publication information and marketing that is at the top of the search engine. In a sense, this gives you an edge, for example, IDE SEO services ensure that your business website always appears in the first place on the top page when potential customers see you in search engines. IDE e-commerce data management services ensure that you get many visitors to your online store.

Online store maintenance

The maintenance of e-commerce stores revolves around many important practices. A customer selects a product, your website processes it and eventually distributes the product to the customer. The prospect of a successful transaction and customer satisfaction is determined in the manner of maintaining your e-commerce store. Outsourcing of E-commerce stores’ maintenance services is a great way to further establish and promote your online store.

Social media optimization

The introduction of the social media widget at your e-commerce store facilitates social experiences that can promote your product, make it stand out and increase consumer usage. Social media optimization offers the following advantages:

  • Provides direct access to sharing product information from different pages
  • Provides a platform where there may be real-time updates and one-on-one interaction (chat zones)
  • Send invitations to users and their friends list for your product usage
  • Create competition for maximum product use among users

Consumers are likely to scramble for the opportunity to buy your products when they notice that you have optimized social media at your online store.

Marketing & Customer Support Services

Online retailers can outsource e-commerce customer support services to IDE and focus on other key business operations. We are specialized in 24/7 e-mail and chat support services.

Platforms We Work On

Platforms We Work On